Hello there, I'm Elizabeth!

Dr. Elizabeth Muckensturm is an Ohio native, but has lived in the area on and off for many years. She graduated from Clemson with an MA in Communication, Technology and Society with an emphasis in Tourism Marketing. She received her undergraduate degree from Ohio University in Organizational Communication. She has worked in the field as a Digital and Traditional Marketing Director. Elizabeth has written tech/marketing blogs for a content strategy company based out of Greenville, SC as well as published research papers and even chapters for university-level textbooks. She enjoys studying social media and how it is used to communicate. Elizabeth also loves to travel and experience different cultures and it's that same love of traveling that ultimately found her the successful owner of four short-term rental properties in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Ed.D., in Education, North Carolina State University
M.A., in Communication, Technology, and Society, Clemson University
B.S., in Organizational Communication, Ohio University

Interesting Facts

Member of the Grand Strand Toastmasters Club and has won various Best Speaker awards.
Proud human to two cats and one dog.
Loves ice cream just a bit more than her body hates lactose.


Elizabeth is a Senior Lecturer at Coastal Carolina where she has worked for nearly a decade. She  has won her department's coveted Golden Apple Award two times. In her "spare" time, she also owns and operates Full Moon Travelers, a short-term rental direct booking website that has worked in conjunction with Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com & others to host over 2,000 guests and maintained an average rating of 4.92 across all of her properties. She also trains and contracts with people who are looking to become hosts of their own short term rental properties. 

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And I'm Roca!


Roca has lived all over the United States; from Texas to Virginia, Montana to North Carolina, and now resides in the world-famous tourist destination of Myrtle Beach, SC. Roca received his BA in English Education with the idea that he would spend the first 20 years after graduation following his heart and then the remaining amount of years utilizing the English degree to teach English. After his heart led him to a woman who was a post-secondary Senior Lecturer in South Carolina, he thought it prudent to expedite the beginning of his teaching career and now works as a private tutor and an English as a Second Language teacher under contract with the Montgomery County Public School system. 


B.A., in English Education, Rocky Mountain University 

Advanced TEFL Certification, TEFL Professional Development Institute

Interesting Facts

Completed a "Thru-Hike" of the Appalachian Trail
Competed on a Bear Grylls television show.


Roca works as a private tutor and English Teacher for the MCPS and also runs the daily operations of Full Moon Travelers but has been known to refer to himself as a "Stay-At-Home Pet Papa" despite the unanimous opinions that he should not.

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